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Droughtmaster National Sale Bulls

11 bulls heading to the DN. Sale

Wednesday 18th, Gracemere Saleyards

  • Pompes Negative

  • Pesti Virus Negative

  • Horn/Poll Tested  

  • Breedplan recorded

buster t.jpg

LOT 395

Vale View Buster 2 (S) Ph

DOB: 08/10/2017  ID: 2167

Sire:  Glenlands Tristan

Dam:  Vale View Vicki

Photos/Breedplan/Scan Info
Lot 398 VV Bandito 2 new for dn web.jpg

LOT 398

Vale View Bandito 2 (P) PP

DOB: 03/10/2017  ID: 2180

Sire:  Vale View Uripper

Dam:  Vale View Xaviera

This bull is a 'herd bull'

Photos/Breedplan/Scan Info
Lot 401 VV Bungee 2 t.jpg

LOT 401

Vale View Bungee 2 (P) Ph

DOB: 26/11/2017  ID:  2225

Sire:  Glenlands Substitute

Dam: Vale View Yudita

More info soon
Lot 404 VVM Goanna.jpg

LOT 404

Vale View M Goanna (P) PP

DOB: 17/10/2017  ID:  M37

Sire:   Angle Zed Ferdinand 

Dam: Vale View Quollie

More info soon
bluey for web new.jpg

LOT 396

Vale View Bluey 2 (P) PP

DOB: 28/09/2017  ID: 2270

Sire:  Vale View X-Man

Dam: Vale View Sweet Sherry

Photos/Breedplan/Scan Info
Lot 399 VV Bullseye 2 t.jpg

LOT 399

Vale View Bullseye 2 (P) PP

DOB: 08/12/2017  ID: 2244

Sire:  Vale View X-Man

Dam: Billabong Rita

More info soon
lot 402 VV Bandit 2 t.jpg

LOT 402

Vale View Bandit 2 (S) I

DOB: 23/11/2017  ID:  2253

Sire:  Angle Zed Ferdinand

Dam: Lamont 383

More info soon
Lot 405 VVM Grenade.jpg

LOT 405

Vale View M Grenade (P) PP

DOB: 28/10/2017  ID: M43

Sire:  Glenlands Substitute

Dam: Vale View Serendipity

More info soon
Lot 397 VV Aladdin 2 t.jpg

LOT 397

Vale View Aladdin 2 (P) PP

DOB: 26/01/2017  ID: 2067

Sire:  Vale View M Ballistic (ET)

Dam:  Prosperity Gentle Girl

Photos/Breedplan/Scan Info
IMG_0674 head for web.jpg

LOT 400

Vale View Benchmark 2 (P) PP

DOB: 15/11/2017  ID:  2213

Sire:  Glenlands Substitute

Dam: Vale View Velvet

lot 403 VV Bushwacker 2 t_edited.jpg

LOT 403

Vale View Bushwacker 2 (ET/AI) (S) Ph

DOB: 16/11/2017  ID:  2204

Sire:  Glenlands I Spy (Kingaroy)

Dam: Vale View Rags To Riches

More info soon
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