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We consider our females to be the 'back bone' of our operation.  As we are relatively small, every female counts, so they need to perform every year.   We all search for the best put together female at sales, but as you can see it doesn't necessarily matter.

This page has been designed to show you our 'Consistency' at Vale View and  how it can be the 'Key to YOUR Success.'
If you follow these bloodlines within our sale animals you should not be disappointed.


6 sons sold have avg $10,000, topping at $20,000. She's our most consistent female line, we have retained all heifers & all have proven themselves with their quality progeny. We have retained Kandy sons which have been VV Playboy, VV Wingman, VV Yes Man.  Playboy has been our most consistent sire used, breeding us the likes of Ripper, Slasher, X-Man to name a few. Playboy females are our best breeders within our female herd, you can throw any quality bull with them & they give you a good calf.  That's consistency!


Sired by Minlacowie Supreme out of Minlacowie Atlanta 39.

Eclipse had produced 15 calves in her day. She was considered a tough, quiet natured cow that does the job year after year consistently, at 17 years she still had a very good udder & structurally sound all over.  She was eventually culled for age.


Sired by Glen Fosslyn 02/629 out of Vale View Dawn (Coominga 124) 
An outstanding looking female, not the tallest of cows, but puts some punch into her calves, her calves exhibit good weight for age, nice fleshing of skin.
She seems to be a bull producer having 8 bulls consecutively, her last being a female who has been retained.  Pammie has sold 5 bulls to avg $7,900 topping at $10,000.


Another old cow with 12 calves to date (Dec 2018). She has produced sons to sell to $15,000, daughters are exceptionally good within our herd, one in particular VV Patty has produced sons to sell for $9,000 & $20,000.

She's sired by Talgai 832 out of Southern Cross Wistful.


5 sons have avg $22,100 topping at $62,500 with Vale View Professor (Medway Stud).  We retained a son; VV Oscar who has given us some lovely feminine females who are doing a good job within our herd.  Maresmo daughters have been retained & breeding consistently, one in particular is a full embryo sister to Professor, she is doing a wonderful job to date, a young cow who we believe is just like her mother.  Consistent in more ways than one, Maresmo did a great job with any type of bull.


At the end of 2018, her 8 sons have avg $8,312 topping at $14,000 twice.  All daughters have been retained.  'Rags' is a very consistent donor female, giving us the goods every flush.  Her mother is a full sister to VV Maresmo, those genetics have given her the consistency within her female line to produce the goods.  Rags is sired by Rocky View 714.

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Zara produced an exceptional heifer calf sired by VVM Ballastic in 2018, she has since been used in our IVF program late 2018. Zara's family is a very consistent line, with most of the females being retained & breeding this very 'true to type' of female.  Wedged shaped with thickness & style.  A line to keep an eye out for in the future. Zara with calf at foot claimed 3rd in her class at Beef 2018.


Another older cow with 9 calves to date (Dec 2018). This Paige line is a lovely line of females, her 3 sons have avg $12,670 (VV Viagra $20,000)  & daughters are breeding extremely well within our herd. She's been used in our donor programs & will continue to be utilised in these programs as well as naturally mated.


Even in 2019, Melody (15 yrs of age) will be utilised in our IVF programs, she's still producing eggs & is one of our more consistent donor females.  Melody is the dam of full brothers Ripper ($11,500) & Yorick ($18,000), all of her daughters are starting to make their marks within our herd. She's been put to just about every bull we have used here & has proven to be another consistent female.


Sired by Wingfield Jove out of Coominga 20, Genie was another very old but consistent cow who produced 12 calves in her time.  Her names keeps popping up within the bloodlines of our sale bulls over the years.

T203 resized.jpg

One of our main donor cows up until late 2018. She's produced 12 calves up until Dec 2018. 6 sons have sold to top of $20,000 (VV XXXX) & avg $11,170.  All daughters have been retained. 

More of her sons will be sold in 2019,2020.


Born 2011, she was runner up to the Beef 2015 Grand Champion Female in her class with VV Yo Yo at foot. Velvet has produced 10 calves to end of 2018, 5 of these naturally, the rest are IVF calves. 3 sons have avg a solid $9,833, we have retained VV Yo Yo & all of her heifers will be retained for the future.  We class Velvet to be one of our best breeders in the future with her consistency that she is showing being bred to different types of bulls.  

Sired by  Strathfield XXXX Gold out of a Vale View Playboy female.

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We pride ourselves that we can offer you an exciting array of new and proven genetics, built around a consistent and proven female line and backed by our support and honesty.

Dave, Colleen & Mac Smith ~ 0438 788 110

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