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Vale View Stud was established in 1990 with the aim to breed versatile cattle for both the stud and commercial industry, concentrating on high fertility and what you get paid for i.e. carcass, meat, bone, weight for age and along with quiet temperaments to make life easier. Strict culling procedures over this time have been enforced to maintain our high standards.

Our motto is OUR Consistency Is The Key To YOUR Success; Our females are the foundation of our success, we have meticulously bred a very consistent, highly fertile female line whose progeny have excelled at show and sale levels year after year.

We have the ability to natural mate with over 10 different sires each year, also combining the use of Artificial Insemination, In Vitro Fertilisation and Embryo Transfer to utilise our top performing genetics. With our long history of breeding, we feel we can retain the stand-out young bull from that years drop of calves to use within our stud herd.

'Bulls to suit all Budgets' - auction bulls have sold between $2,500 and topping at $62,500. We will often lightly use some of our bulls prior to sale within our stud herd to show we have faith in what we offer. We believe if the bull is not good enough for us to use, then he's not good enough for anybody else to use.

Our females have topped numerous stud sales in Qld reflecting our enforced selection pressures over the years, offering you our 'standard female replacement article', nothing less! Stud sires and females we have sold are seeing great results with their progeny coming back through the sale and show rings, you can read more about these successes on our consistency page.

Our cattle are worked with horses, dogs and motorbikes, with weaners worked through the yards and tailed in the paddocks, this training makes life easier for all involved. 'A pleasure to handle' we have been told. Our cattle are raised in the paddock environment with limited supplementary feeding of Riverina pellets & hay via our feed mixer in their stages of growing, they have natural foraging ability to stand them in good stead later in life. 

We are located on the western side of the Widgee range and at the head of Barambah Creek approx 40km sth east of Goomeri, 65km west of Gympie and 60km east of Kingaroy. Our cattle are run on a variety of country which has native grasses, lantana and large hills to climb within a ticky environment. Our weaners are educated and grown out on our home block along with preparation of sale cattle. In good seasons, this country is referred to as the best around for growing stock but unfortunately has very harsh, cold winters so our cattle are resilient to the variety of climates. 

In 2009, we formed an 'adopt a school' partnership with Beenleigh High School. Vale View cattle were chosen by the school due to their natural quiet temperaments for the children to handle. Our cattle have exceeded our expectations by winning numerous broad ribbons at major shows over the years.  While we do not show with Beenleigh High anymore, we will take on the odd local show and Beef.

All cattle are vaccinated for 3 day, blood, 7 in 1 for females, 5 in 1 for bulls, botulism & tested negative for Pompes Disease.  All sale bulls inc paddock bulls are vet checked and sold with an 'AACV' vet certificate for your piece of mind.  Vaccination history will be posted to buyers of all sale animals.

We are a member of Breedplan which is designed to be utilised as a management tool to help cattle breeders improve the genetic merit and profitability of their herds. Here at Vale View, we offer you the 200/400/600 day traits to help with your selections.  While there is very little accuracy in Droughtmaster breedplan, we advise buyers to just use it as a very minimal tool, please ask us questions about the history of the animal i.e. live weights, pedigree history etc, you will gain correct information by asking us.

We welcome visitors to contact us is you would like to pop in for a cuppa and have a look around.

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We pride ourselves that we can offer you an exciting array of new and proven genetics, built around a consistent and proven female line and backed by our support and honesty.

Dave, Colleen & Mac Smith ~ 0438 788 110

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