Females For Sale

Selected females are available for sale at auction sales such as the Droughtmaster Society 'National Female Sale' (Mch), & the 'Cream of the Crop' sale in Nov. Females are also available via private sale throughout the year.

Mostly unjoined females are offered at the National & Cream of the Crop sales due to the timing of the sales, Due to our size restrictions we are only able to keep approx 20-30 replacement females per year, this gives our buyer a selection of our best females.

We consider our females to be the 'back bone' of our operation. As we are relatively small every female counts, so they need to perform every year. We all search for the best put together female at sales, but as per our 'females consistency' page this doesn't necessarily matter. Superior Genetics play a major part of this make up.

Vale View females have topped numerous major females sales in the SE Qld area since 2009 and our Vale View genetics have also topped numerous sales of late, we have worked hard on our female line over the years, offering you our 'standard replacement female' article, nothing less!

Cream of the Crop Sale

Nov 28th, 2020 - Coolabunia Saleyards

4 Unjoined Heifers 

lot 3 cropped web.jpg


Vale View Daegan 2 (P) 

DOB: 15/11/2019 (12 mths)

Sire:  Vale View Zed

Dam: Vale View Anneke 2 (VVM Ballistic)

'Break her in & take her to Beef,
we think she's that good'


Vale View Dalva 2 (P) 

DOB: 22/11/2019  (12 mths)

Sire:  Oasis A Mr Mint

Dam: Vale View Sweet Sheery (VV Oscar)


Vale View Dahlia 2 (P) 

DOB: 20/11/2019 (12 mths)

Sire:  Vale View X-Man

Dam:  Vale View Alana 2 (AZ Ferdinand)



Vale View Dabrielle 2 (P)

DOB: 30/10/2019 (12 mths)

Sire:  Oasis A Mr Mint

Dam:  Angle Zed 6036 (Eddington Extra)

Pictured is Vale View Sequence with her calf winning Grand Champion 
Female at Gympie Show.

Sequence sold to Bundy Stud at the 2009 Cream of the Crop Sale. 
An example of the quality of females we sell annually.

We pride ourselves that we can offer you an exciting array of new and proven genetics, built around a consistent and proven female line and backed by our support and honesty.

Dave, Colleen & Mac Smith ~ 0438 788 110

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