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Vale View Gator (S)

Sired by Vale View Yo Yo (now deceased) out of a Connor Enis female. A Beef 2018 class winner. We loved this bull from day dot, he's as long as a train, excellent bone, plenty of leg under him, tidy sheath, long ears, great carcase with good doing ability, strong topline. Pretty hard to fault, backed with an excellent temperament.  

At 6mths he attended his first show at Goomeri in 2018 winning his class then Res Champion Bull of the show, then went onto win his 6 & U9 class at Beef 2018.

Scanned @ 20mths of age with P8/Rib of 10/7, EMA: 138cm, IMF: 4.3%.  


Glen Fosslyn Ingenious (S)

Purchased at the 2015 Glen Fosslyn Sale, @ 25 mths & out of a very consistent female line, mother has produced 7 calves & grandmother has produced 10 calves consecutively. 

Purchased for his extra rib (length), carcase attributes, broad muzzle with a strong head, good bone and very tidy underline. He weighed 777kg, with scans of 9/6, EMA of 124cm and scrotal of 38cm with above average breedplan figures for 200/400/600 days.

Sire: Glen Fosslyn Exelby

Dam: Glen Fosslyn 05/300

Vale View M Ballistic (P) (ET)

An embryo son of sale topping sire Vale View Magnum (Lamont Stud) out of show champion VV Rags To Riches.  Another consistent bull throwing very 'true to type. At the end of 2018, 10 sons avg $8,200 topping at $14,500 & daughters have sold to $5,250. 


Vale View Yes Man (P)

Retained in 2016. A grandson of Rondel Korageous out of our ever consistent female in Vale View Kandy. Making Yes Man a maternal brother to Playboy, Smarty Pants, Overload, Wingman, Van Damme to name a few.

An excellent bodied bull with plenty of meat, muscle and bone. Great temperament with a good polled head.

His first 2 heifers sold in 2018 to avg $5,625. 

Sire: Vale View Vagas

Dam: Vale View Kandy

Clonlara 17210 (P)

$40,000 purchase in 2018.

Not only does he look good, he also reads well:  23 mths & 810kg, scanned by David Reid; P8/Rib: 12/8 & EMA of 134cm. 42cm scrotal, morphology of 87% & motility of 90%. Top 20% Breedplan figures for 400 & 600 day weights. 

Sired by Redskin Gator out of a Huntly Kane (Clonlara) female.

A bit more content, lovely coat, loose skin, good bone, long as a train, a very complete package in our eyes.


Vale View Yorick (P) 

Originally sold to Ivanhoe Stud in 2017 for $18,000.  He's a full brother to VV Ripper.  We purchased him at the end of 2019 from the Ivanhoe Dispersal sale as Ripper died in 2018.  He oozes muscle & flesh, lovely polled head & tidy sheath.

At 32mths of age he weighed 906kg, 42.5cm scrotal, P8/Rib of 13/9, EMA of 138cm, IMF of 5.4%. 

Angle Zed Ferdinand (S)

Sired by Angle Zed Commandante out of a Talgai Deputy female from the original Angle Zed herd. Purchased privately from Bill Zahnleiter (ex Angle Zed Stud) in 2015 due to sale of property, Ferdinand was retained by Bill and completed 2 succesful seasons. He was being prepared for sale & at 24mths he weighed 829kg, scans of 15/9, EMA 141cm, scrotal of 40cm. A lovely growthy bull with loads of length, very tidy underneath, great back end and muscle pattern and plenty of bone. 

SEMEN IS AVAILABLE FOR SALE - excellent morphology results at 84% collected 30/09/15. 

His first offering of sons sold to $20,000 with 3 averaging $14,000. 

Oasis A Mr Mint.jpg

Oasis A Mr Mint (H)

They say a picture tells a thousand words, need we say anymore. 

Purchased for $24,000 from the 2018 Highlands Sale, a bull who looks even better in the flesh. 

Sired by Oasis Dollar out of Lamont Inmate daughter.

He scanned P8/Rib: 8/6, EMA: 127cm, scrotal of 38cm. 


Vale View X-Man (P)

What you see is what you get, he's breeding very 'true to type'. A polled son of Vale View Playboy out of donor female Toronellah 203.
X-Man's first 4 sons sold in 2018 to avg $12,750, topping the Bunya Sale with VV Alcatraz 2 ($16,000), another son sold privately for $15,000.

His heifers are our main focus & we aim to retain as many as we can to keep this consistent type going.


Vale View Avenger 2 (P)

2018 Retained Sire.

We couldn't go past keeping this young fella, an excellent doing bull with not a lot to fault, he's long as a train, thick and loads of meat with an excellent tidy sheath & good polled head. He's been lightly maintained throughout the winter with our paddock bulls and still looks like he's in prime sale condition. 

He scanned by David Reid, P8/Rib: 11/8, EMA135cm, IMF 4.7%, scrotal of 42cm (in paddock condition).

Sire: Vale View X-Man

Dam: Vale View X-Fancy (VV Professor)

We pride ourselves that we can offer you an exciting array of new and proven genetics, built around a consistent and proven female line and backed by our support and honesty.

Dave, Colleen & Mac Smith ~ 0438 788 110

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