Droughtmaster National Sale Bulls

We will have 9 bulls heading to the DN. Sale

15/16th Sept, 2020 @ Gracemere Saleyards

  • Pompes Negative

  • Pesti Virus Negative

  • Horn/Poll Tested  

  • Breedplan recorded

  • Sire Verified

  • Morphology Tested by Just Genes

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LOT 273

Vale View Billionaire 2 (H) (IVF/AI)

SOLD $20,000

DOB: 04/01/2018 (32 mths) 

Sire:  Vale View Ripper

Dam: Toronellah 203

LOT 278

Vale View Cronk (P) D5

SOLD $24,000

DOB: 19/10/2018 (22 mths)

Sire:  Vale View X-Man

Dam: Vale View X-Prue

LOT 281

Vale View Cruiz (P) D4

SOLD $11,000

DOB: 15/09/2018  (24 mths)

Sire:  Rondel P.K.

Dam: Vale View Rebecca

LOT 276

Vale View Bushie 2 (P) D4

SOLD $30,000

DOB: 10/05/2018  (28 mths)

Sire:  Vale View Yardsman

Dam: Vale View Yona

LOT 279

Vale View Comet (S) D5

SOLD $9,000

DOB: 18/10/2018  (22 mths)

Sire:  Glenlands Tactician

Dam: Vale View Winter

LOT 277

Vale View Cam 2 (P) D5

SOLD $11,500

DOB: 10/08/2018  (25 mths)

Sire:  Vale View X-Man

Dam: Vale View Scoop

LOT 280

Vale View Cash (P) D5

SOLD $13,000

DOB: 09/12/2018  (21 mths)

Sire:  Vale View Ripper

Dam: Vale View Xcellence

BREEDPLAN DAYS TO CALVING  average is +0.2         The lower the figure i.e. –1.6 the more fertile
We pride ourselves that we can offer you an exciting array of new and proven genetics, built around a consistent and proven female line and backed by our support and honesty.

Dave, Colleen & Mac Smith ~ 0438 788 110

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