Central Reds Sale Bulls
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8 Bulls heading to the Central Reds Sale
Sept 27th, 2021. Emerald Saleyards

Morphology tested 
Crush Side tested 
Fat Scanned on August 11th


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LOT 27

Vale View Calvin 2 (H)

DOB: 12/03/2019 (30 mths) 

Sire:  Oasis A Mr Mint

Dam: Vale View Patty

Maternal brother 'Zed' has sold sons to $20,000  (2021 Bunya Sale) & daughters to $8,500.


LOT 30

Vale View De Belin 2 (S) (AI)

DOB: 21/09/2019  (24 mths) 2553

Sire:  Angle Zed Ferdinand

Dam: Vale View Zeffa


LOT 34

Vale View Daley 2 (H) 

DOB: 24/10/2019 (23 mths) 2518

Sire:  Oasis A Mr Mint

Dam: Talfield Hope


LOT 28

Vale View Caden 2 (PP) 

DOB: 04/12/2018 (33 mths) 

Sire:  Rondel P.K.

Dam: Vale View Tanner

Maternal brother is VV Apollo purchased by Needmor Stud, Apollos first son sold at the 2021 DN Sale for $30,000.


LOT 32

Vale View Darius 2 (P) 

DOB: 31/08/2019 (22 mths) 2525

Sire:  Oasis A Mr Mint

Dam: Vale View Yarina

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LOT 35

Vale View M Iceman 2 (S) 

DOB: 29/07/2019 (25 mths) M76

Sire:  Oasis A Mr Mint

Dam: Vale View Uptown Girl


LOT 29 & 31





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LOT 33

Vale View Dawson 2 (P) 

DOB: 03/11/2019 (22 mths) 2464

Sire:  Oasis A Mr Mint

Dam: Vale View 1181


LOT 36S - Substitute Bull

Vale View M Indian (S) 

DOB: 04/11/2019 (22 mths) 

Sire:  Clonlara 17210

Dam: Vale View Serendipity

Dam has produced 11 calves including 5 sale bulls, one of these bulls ‘VVM Detroit’ purchased by Wisetree Stud, who sold 3 bulls at the 2021 DN Sale; a ‘Detroit’ son for $18,000 & 2 bulls out of ‘Detroit’ females selling for $17,000 & $11,000.

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